Remembering KanyeUniverseCity: The Greatest Blog Of All Time

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Kanye West premiered two songs from his forthcoming album this weekend, and of course they sound phenomenal.

The album, unfortunately believed to be titled Yeezus, will drop on 18th June. Before our minds are blown again, let’s just take a moment and look back to a simpler time. A time before he had stopped giving interviews, before Taylor, before he had the most compelling account on Twitter – let’s remember KanyeUniverseCity, his now defunct blog which served as an unfiltered access point to the brilliant and bizarre mind of Kanye Omari West.

It’s where he shared his deepest thoughts (“I just wanna be a doper person which starts with me not always telling people how dope I think I am”), posted photos of opulent furniture we can’t afford and boasted of beating Beyoncé at Connect 4. Honestly, the internet might have peaked with it.

Even though he’s on the best run of solo albums in rap history, we, as a civilisation, must never forget about the genius that was shared on those pages in ALL CAPS. I’ve dug up as many of the site’s highlights as I can find and posted them here for the benefit of future generations (if anyone can track down the Harper’s Bazaar post in its original form please hit me up).

Of course, it’s also where he uploaded one of the best ever Kanye West videos. He was in Paris for the launch of the ludicrously expensive trainers he designed for Louis Vuitton and decided to document the occasion. We should all be eternally grateful.


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